The average monthly shipment exceeds 10 million USD!Holitech India Private Limited enters rapid development


Recently, Holitech India Private Limited announced that the average monthly shipment value of product orders exceeded 10 million USD, showing a strong growth trend.

Holitech India Private Limited started construction in March 2019 and completed the trial delivery on June 15. The 100-day plant speed and production efficiency set a new industry record and became India's first one-stop manufacturer of mobile phone core components. The company has won widespread praise from local governments and customers.

At present, the production equipment of the Indian company is launched in three stages. The first stage has been delivered and used, and the average monthly output value exceeded expectations. The second stage has entered the preparation stage according to customer requirements. The installation was completed and put into use in middle to late December. This batch of equipment mainly produces mid-to-high-end products with a high share in India, and its output and output value will at least quadruple compared with the first stage. At the same time, The  Indian company has already recruited nearly 300 Indian university students to train in China headquarters in advance to ensure that there are sufficient talent reserves for the second and third phase of capacity investment.

According to customer order demand and capacity planning, Holitech India Private Limited will enter the stage of rapid development in 2020, with an expected annual output value of 800 million USD. The production design of the current order product is domestically produced in the first stage and completed in the Indian plant. 

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